Monday, March 3, 2014

Christmas Came Early This Year

A few weeks ago my youngest son, Jacob, sent me a text asking what I wanted for Christmas.

I knew this was probably the work of his girlfriend, Hayley, because, well, he's a guy!
He typically doesn't ask what I want but he knows me well and always gets me things I like.
Isn't that the way it is with people who really  know you.  They don't have to ask.
In fact, my friends who really know me rarely ask what I need prayer for or if "I'm ok".  They can look at me and know the answer and they know the things on my heart and what I'm praying for.  okay, I digressed a little.  Needless to say, I've been busy with work, home and helping my mom prep for surgery so I never answered him.  Truthfully, I don't "need" anything.  Now what "would I like" opens a whole Pandora's box, lol:).  I have Jesus and if you took everything (except my family and friends because all this stuff's- things I own-are just going to burn someday anyway!) I wouldn't really care.  So Jake gave me something far better than even the iPad he & my other two kids got me a few years ago.  
He gave me a future new member of the family!
Jake and Hayley are engaged and I could not be happier!

My cup runneth over:)
  I've prayed for them since they met, even before they dated, as I watched the look on his face when he said her name or talked to her on the phone.  We will be so happy to have her join our family.  I've loved seeing their relationship grow and see how she lovingly cares for and asks about my family members, and remembers details.  (bragging rights of a future Mother in Law---she showed up one morning with my favorite Starbucks coffee and favorite pastry as I left to shoot a wedding.  She didn't have to do it and I never would've known if she didn't but she cares about us.  
I'm so excited to see how they work to plan their wedding and future together. 

Question: Was I there when he proposed and did I take these photos then?  
Answer:  No way! Even if I wanted to he would have lost me on the road.  These were taken about a month ago when I was doing some family sessions. 

Question:  Have they set a date?
Answer: If you know, please tell me:)  jk, not yet, they're too excited to probably think of those things.

Question:  Will I be photographing the wedding?  
Answer:  If you know my son you'd know the answer anyway but no, however, I plan to have a camera under my seat.  c'mon, I'll have one of the best seats in the house, you know I'm taking a few between tears, right?!

Nancy Montoya, future mother-in-law:)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Framing Your Images

So, the photo sessions over, you've ordered your portraits, received them,
get them home and then…..(insert crickets chirping here).
In the past, clients would order their portraits, then have to go "on the hunt" for frames
get the frames home, and actually insert the portraits!  
Well, no more!  I've now added framing to my repertoire.
After talking with several clients, I realized the benefit of offering your beautiful prints
framed for you (canvas and metal also available!).

I'm so glad to hear this has helped my wonderful clients get their portraits up on the walls so they can enjoy them right away.  Let's face it, after all the time YOU put into this (making an appointment, picking out clothing, haircuts, photo session, ordering and purchasing, how sad would it be to
have those memories sitting in a bag in the closet.
I speak from experience. My kids had their portraits taken when they were one year old.  I spent a fortune on a special outfit, for them ready, drove an hour to the photographer, ordered a large canvas and guess what….I had no clue how to frame a canvas- this was before gallery wraps, where the image goes all the way around and frames aren't needed.  Now, when you schedule a session, you can enjoy knowing that we take care of you every step of the way!

Please call us to schedule your session, or just ask questions.
Thanks a Bunch!
Nancy Montoya

Temecula Valley Photographer-Hotchkiss Family Photo Session

The Hotchkiss Family
Okay, seriously, this is one of my favorite families…ever!
Not because I play favorites, but because I love what kind of family they are.
They're close, I mean really close:)  They are so kind to each other, complimentary, and loving.
I know a lot of this has to do with their faith because they're very open about it.

It's awesome to see kids who talk so kindly and parents who are so in love!
This was the second time I photographed them for family portraits.
We always have a great time!

Temecula Senior Photography Session-Claire

Claire was such a joy to photograph!
First of all, she's adorable and super sweet.
I love seniors!  I love their energy, hearing about their passions and their plans for the future.

If you are looking to have senior portraits done, please call me for more information
Thanks a bunch!
Nancy Montoya

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fall Family Photo Session, Riverside County

 I  L O V E family photo sessions!  
It's so much fun to see the interaction between the kids and parents.
The Poncy family is no exception.  I've been photographing them for a few years.
I can't believe how much the kids have grown.

Thanks guys for letting me take your pictures!  it's a true pleasure:)

**If you're interested in family, high school senior, or child photography sessions, please contact me for more information by phone at 951.760.9125 or by email @

Monday, October 28, 2013

Katie and William, Fallbrook Family Photo Session

Well, it's that time of year again!  
Time for photos for Christmas cards and of course, 
just keeping up with little ones who grow like weeds!

William is a typical three-year-old boy.  He loves all things outdoors.  He lives for adventures!
Lucky for him, he has a mom who knows how to "go with the flow".
He is definitely camera shy.  When I pull out the one eyed monster, his goal is to stay as far away as possible.  Because I've photographed them so many times, and his mom and I have talked about his love of discovery, I approach their session with a very photojournalistic style.
Our goal is to "record" them, their interactions, their emotions (lots of hugging:), and most importantly, continue archiving these years together.  

As a mom of three grown up "kids", I remember when mine where little and how they lived for adventures!  We took Friday afternoons (when you home school, you can do that!) and just sit somewhere- a park, ravine, etc. and draw and take in nature.  These are fond memories for me, and hopefully for my children- 26,24, and 20.

I'm always so glad to chronicle the adventures of Katie and William and I'm so glad to share these with you:)  Enjoy, you're sure to get a kick out of his many faces!


 Once he found this tree, we practically had to pry him away:)  He must have climbed it ten different ways!
Happy Fall!! 
If you'd like more info on my photo sessions and availability, 
you may call me @ 951-760-9125
Nancy Montoya

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Nathan and Shannon's Vintage Wedding, Long Beach Museum of Art

Nathan and Shannon are an adorable couple!  I'm so glad I photographed their wedding.
They first "met" through a window so you will see the use of windows throughout these photos.  That mixed with vintage "adorableness" (yes, it really is a word:) made for a beautiful day.
The museum sits on a bluff with PCH right behind it.


Nathan's Uncle Mark is a retired minister and came all the way from Canada to officiate their wedding:)

Congratulations to you two!  Hope you have a lifetime of love and friendship:)

Cake:  Probably the best cake I've ever tasted!  Not like many wedding cakes that just look pretty, it tasted homemade:)
Shannon made her own Vintage brooch bouquet, wasn't it amazing!